General Class Amateur Radio Operator

N3EDM Repeater

Wide area coverage!

Located off of 741 in Georgetown, PA. (just outside of Gap, PA)

Antenna Height: 356 ft. (top of tower)

Ground elevation: 800 ft. ASL

Total elevation: 1156 ft.

PL 114.8 Hz


(1) Motorola Maxtrac [Transmitter]

(1) TPL RXR 110 watt amplfier
(1) Motorola GM300 [Receiver]

(1) ARR Receiver Preamp
(1) Motorola M100 [Link Radio]
(1) Motorola Maxtrac [WX Receiver]
(1) S-com 7k [Controller]
(1) Astron power supply
(1) Celwave Super Stationmaster antenna [feedline is 1 5/8 inch hardline]
(1) Celwave 6 Cavity Duplexer

Full-time linked to the "Southcentral Connect Repeater System" as the flagship UHF repeater!

Coverage map below, and system map below that:

The full interactive map can be viewed here: https://goo.gl/PLwsFq

Feel free to donate to keep the repeater running smoothly!